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The design palate of nature’s blues, greens and terra cottas inspired the soothing environment of Villa Baja. From the silvery Bristol Palm guarding the filigreed gate to the turquoise inlaid tile “carpets” on the verandas, the soothing tones of azure, teal and turquoise nestled against deep coral colored surfaces delights the senses. The arched entry portal invites you to enter into a private world of intimate outdoor living spaces which open onto a startlingly wide horizon. Wrapped on two sides by lush jungle green, this home’s secluded outdoor spaces feel like they embrace the sky.

Multiple levels of house and garden provide inviting nooks for basking in the sun or relaxing in cool shade. Jewel toned plants add texture and color, creating a smooth transition between areas for swimming, dining, and relaxing. The cooling sense of flowing water is enhanced by the music of multiple fountains. The spacious pool’s blue water blends into the blue-green horizon, creating almost a floating sensation as you doze by the pool.

Villa Baha
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