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The triangles of a classic sundial are the essential design elements of the Sunburst home. The sail-shaped carport and angular stairs orient the visitor to the welcoming entrance. Once inside the indoor space, the elements of the sundial shape radiate outward, forming pathways to the horizon while at the same time pointing back to the heart of the home.

Definition among indoor and outdoor spaces is fashioned by the contrast of hardscape, organic stone and colorful plantings. Muted stone elements and the creative use of shade and shadow render the structural concrete more inviting, while maintaining the sense of warmth and light. The intimate outdoor shower is just one of the ways the Sunburst house celebrates the welcoming warmth of Costa Rica’s lush Rain Forest. The sun-bathed pool and covered breezeways are the cooling compliments to the sun-drenched Sunburst lifestyle.

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Indoor and Outdoor Spaces, Organic Stone, Landscape Design