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If Sun In My Eyes is the antidote to cold northern winters, this home is truly a place of healing. The soothing sound of moving water accentuates the feeling of contentment, quietly tempering the stark brightness of the equatorial sun. The multi-level water feature leads down the hill toward the secluded spa shimmering like a cool pond tucked into the rain forest. The choice of dark basalt block for the retaining walls and pavers creates the look of an ancient temple hidden in the jungle.

Large scale trees and plantings keep the three-story structure to a human scale. Wide hip roofs cover open-air rooms capturing light and mountain breezes. Leaf-canopied fountain area offers a shady respite in the shadow of the surrounding mountains. Lipstick Palms, banana trees, papyrus and native grasses intensify manicured borders that transition the formal living space of Sun in My Eyes from well-tended garden to the naturally stunning Rain Forest.

Sun In My Eyes
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