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One of the hallmarks of professional design is optimal use of the building envelope on a lot. The indoor and outdoor spaces of the Orchid house flow smoothly from the inviting entry to the secluded pool-side retreat, creating a sense of both seclusion and openness in a compact area.

Wild orchids line the walkway linking the shaded glade and sunny patio. Sol y Sombra…sun and shade…either choice is an option at any time of the day. The use of flagstone as the pool decking, soft grass and graduated layers of leafy plantings creates a smooth transition between the cultivated and natural areas of the lot. The result is the sense of privacy that feels peaceful and secure and at the same time harmonious within its natural surroundings. And if you are tempted to bring a few of those orchids inside, who could blame you? There will be more tomorrow…mas por la manana…it’s Costa Rica!

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