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The use of natural stone interspersed with stucco cleverly delineates the edges of the functional space in Estrella Magica. The vine-covered wall that defines the outer edge of the living area makes the usable space feel larger rather than smaller. The undulating design, created by both smooth stucco and rough stone surfaces, is comforting rather than confining. The ultimate effect is extension of the outdoor living room to include not only the covered patio but to encompass the pool and sun deck as well. This kind of detail creates an environment that feels open to the sky and the horizon, yet is totally private and secluded.

Stone inserts in the stucco walls beside the driveway are another way the variety in design elements draws the eye to entrance of the home. The texture of the herringbone-patterned pavers in the driveway adds to the sense of practical beauty that is at once attractive and functional. Colorful flowers provide an ever-blooming palate of yellow, white and tropical coral against the green backdrop of the hillside. A variety of palms rustle in the ever-present hill-top breeze, adding whispering softness to the sound of birds and monkeys in the distance.

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