Alegria seems to float softly above the green Costa Rican hills. Pavers provide stable, sinuous pathways among the colorful plantings, each walkway embracing a different airy view.

Textural variety provided by colorful plants and flowers defines the living areas, softening the edges of the walkways and framing the views. Retaining walls secure the hillsides against erosion, their design

incorporating lush ground cover and stabilizing grasses. Some of the Flowers and shrubs are selected to change color with the seasons, creating a sense of constant springtime at the house of ‘happiness.”

Like the well-chosen plantings, natural stone is a key design element leading the eye from the margins of the house to the outdoor living areas. They provide another visual connection between the natural surroundings and the living space. The effect is a harmonious balance that feels both grounded and light as air as Alegria visually floats between Costa Rica’s verdant Rain Forest and the sky.