Who We Are

Backed by more than a decade of experience and proven results, Redizon is the leading landscape architecture firm operating in the southern Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica. We have carved a niche in a challenging market through the provision of 360-degree site development services, from initial planning and preparation, to construction and ongoing maintenance. Redizon provides full-cycle services of the highest quality, applying a naturalistic approach to landscape design that enables clients to conceive the outdoor lifestyle of their dreams, while boosting curb appeal and enhancing their property’s value.


To provide our clients with specialized, innovative, and financially sound landscape projects that are well rounded and turn-key. The desired outcome for every Redizon client, is that they obtain an original and amazing outdoor lifestyle.

What We Do

Long before the finishing touches of traditional gardening and planting have been completed, Redizon’s landscaping architecture services approach site planning and landscape design from a multi-pronged approach. While our original landscape designs help lay the foundations of each client’s vision, site planning maps out each step of the process towards a finished product that optimizes site conditions, enhances property values and embodies the client’s lifestyle goals.

Every site is unique in terms of its challenges and opportunities, particularly within the context of a complex tropical landscape. As the cornerstone of Redizon’s approach, site planning focuses on the physical design and natural attributes of a property, incorporating elements such as circulation patterns, utility layouts and building positions into the creation of optimal spaces for client use.

Landscape design refers to the development of design concepts, the sharing of spaces, the balance of hard and soft surfaces in indoor and outdoor spaces and the selection of construction and plant materials. Additionally, landscape design helps build detailed construction plans and may also include post-implementation analysis and maintenance.

Site planning and landscape design services are an essential part of land preparation for individual homes, hotel complexes, shopping centers or entire communities, enabling clients to minimize environmental impacts and project costs, while maximizing a site’s value.

How We Do It

Redizon’s customer-focused approach begins with a holistic assessment of a site’s full potential in order to generate a sustainable and integrative plan that embraces the client’s vision. Our experience and specialization in the region provides us with in-depth understanding of a site’s core elements, enabling us to effectively leverage those elements and to resolve any issues that may arise.

Redizon’s holistic approach to integrated design reflects the vast experience of our team, which includes landscape designers, architects, project managers and field personnel who are essential components of our design, implementation and maintenance services.

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The following portfolio provides insight into Redizon’s value-added landscape architecture through a sampling of past projects, client referrals and a complete list of our services. Contact us today to break ground tomorrow on outdoor spaces that embrace your unique lifestyle preferences, while protecting and increasing the value of your investment in Costa Rica.